Without Conscience:

Psychopathy and its Implications for Criminal Justice and Mental Health

Conference: May 13–14, 2014
Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas


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Who Should Attend?

This seminar is open to the following professionals:

Why is Psychopathy considered one of the leading forensic concepts for the 21st century?

Knowing and understanding an offender's personality traits can help professionals develop appropriate strategies for complex and unusual investigations. To this end, comprehending an offender's psychopathy becomes critical in a serial murder, rape or child abduction case. Crime scene and post offense behavior of the psychopath likely will differ from that of non-psychopath's committing similar offenses. Prosecution, sentencing and incarceration of a psychopath will present their own unique challenges.

Perhaps 1 percent of the general population and 10 to 15 percent of offenders are manipulative, deceptive, self-centered, lacking in empathy, guilt, are callous and lack remorse. They present a serious challenge to everyone involved with criminal justice, including officers and investigators; judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys; probation officers; corrections personnel; psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. All of these professionals work in the front line of law enforcement and mental health because they must face head on the likelihood that some of the people with whom they deal are psychopathic. The consequences of these encounters always are uncertain and sometimes quite dangerous.

Continuing Education Credit & Professional Development Hours

Grievance Procedure

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Texas A&M University Office of Continuing Education
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Attendance Requirements

To receive credit, you must be present for the entire conference. You are required to sign in at the beginning of the conference and you must sign out at the end of the program to receive CE credit. Those arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time or leaving before the conference is completed will not receive CE credits. All attendees must complete a Program Evaluation to receive their CE certificate.

Learning Objectives

Participants attending this conference will be able to:

Objective #1:
Outline and evaluate psychological, behavioral and demographic factors which may indicate an individual's propensity for violent behavior
Objective #2:
Outline and evaluate psychological, behavioral and demographic factors which may indicate an individual's propensity for sexually deviant behavior
Objective #3:
Explain how psychological disorders influence sexual deviance and violent behavior
Objective #4:
Discuss the construct of psychopathy and apply the knowledge of psychopathy to investigative techniques
Objective #5:
Explain sexual deviance and analyze how deviant fantasy can result in offending
Objective #6:
Apply the knowledge of the criminal mind and the construct of psychopathy to the interview process and be able to extract information for resistant offenders